Climate Change Summit – Presentations


Windward Climate Change Summit – Speakers list

Speaker: Dr. Camillo Mora – UH Professor, Research Scientist Geography Dept.
Topic: Temperature Change: Impacts on Plants, Animals and Agriculture Production
Part 1

Part 2

Speaker: Dolan Eversole – NOAA/University of Hawaii
Topic: Recent Climate Change Research and Local Sea-Level Rise
Part 1

Part 2

Click below to see Dolan Eversole’s media

Speaker: Dr. Gerald Marten – Eco Tipping Points Project
Adjunct Senior Fellow, East-West Center
Topic: Human Ecology, Food Security, Disaster Preparedness

Speaker: Jeff Mikulina – Executive Director, Blue Planet Foundation
Topic: Fossil Fuel, Individual Action

Speaker: Colin Yost – Chief Operating Officer, Revolusun
Topic: The Role of Government in Promoting Clean Energy


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